Kanto Portraits

by David R Munson

Custom Black and White Portraiture, serving the Tokyo-Area

Why Monochrome?

In black and white, a portrait takes on new dimension and connects with a rich history going back more than 180 years. Monochrome is not simply the absence of color, but a visual language unto itself. Executed well, it sets a portrait apart, lending a timeless elegance and simple sophistication.

Choosing black and white isn't for everyone or every occasion. It's a strong stylistic choice that isn't always a good fit. But in those times when it is the right choice, there is no substitute. 

Photographer David R Munson comes to the table with more than twenty years' experience crafting fine black and white photographs, and is committed to making the best photographs he can to serve his clients in the best possible way.

The Working Method

A portrait must be more than a picture with face in it. It should be as much about the subject as it is of the subject.  There are two concepts that are key to a successful shoot that yields the desired results: collaboration and simplicity.

  • Collaboration: A good portrait is the result of a collaboration between subject and photographer. The role of the subject is to express the desired outcome, and to be fully present in the moment. The role of the photographer is to perceive and capture that presence.

  • Simplicity: When the process gets complicated, the results usually suffer. As such, things should be kept as simple as possible. Ideally, this means one camera, a lens or two, and existing light. In most cases, there is no need to add anything more.

Before the shoot, the photographer and subject discuss the desired images and their purpose, as it is important to begin with the end in mind. This is a simple step, but one often neglected. By taking the time to really understand the desired outcome, the creative process is facilitated greatly.

From there, the practical arrangements are made and the shoot is scheduled. Location, time of day, and other details will vary from session to session and depend on the client's needs. This never needs to be complicated, so please rest assured that the process is an easy and enjoyable one.

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